Ep. 42: A Mother’s Day Conversation

Ep. 42: A Mother’s Day Conversation

This episode features Mall of America team members who are all working moms. With a wide range of work and parenting experience, they share insights on finding balance in their lives. They also openly discuss the challenges and joys of being a working parent.

Jill Renslow, host of So Much More podcast, has a daughter who is a senior in high school and a son finishing his first year in college. Carrie Wright is Vice President of Human Resources and has two sons in their twenties. Natasha Betts, a 20-year MOA team member, is Specialty Attractions Manager has children ranging from 18 years old to toddler age. And Laura Utecht, Director of Communications, is our newest MOA team member and has a two-and-a-half-year-old son.

On the topic of work-life balance the group readily agrees they don’t have the single answer. It is more about giving yourself grace, being kind to yourself and others + trying different approaches until you find the right fit. When asked about Mother’s Day traditions or memories, each of our four panelists share heart-warming and uplifting stories, from homemade gifts to riding the Log Chute in Nickelodeon Universe.

And when asked to give advice to new or potential new moms the responses all revolved around embracing the magic of family and the beauty found in each day.

To learn about Mother’s Day activities at Mall of America visit our website. 

Guests: Carrie Wright, Vice President of Human Resources; Natasha Betts, Specialty Attractions Manager; Laura Utecht, Director of Communications all at Mall of America

Host: Jill Renslow

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