Ep. 8: Glitter, Glitter...Everywhere!
So Much More, A Mall of America® PodcastSeptember 06, 2023
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Ep. 8: Glitter, Glitter...Everywhere!

Friends who watch this episode are in for a treat! Our guest, Sasha Cassadine, outshines the room in her beautiful outfit and even more beautiful personality. Born and raised in Memphis TN, Sasha made her way to the Twin Cities and has never looked back!

As a sought-after drag performer, Sasha shares her story of how she became a performer as well as some of the misperceptions about the artform. From the first steps into the spotlight to directing shows, Sasha talks about what drag is and the deeper meaning behind it.

A large part of this episode’s discussion centers on acceptance, understanding, and how to make this world a better place. The conversation also talks about how brands react in the face of criticism and how that can change in the future. Of course, she also talks a good deal about her affinity for Mall of America – and the importance of hosting drag shows in this iconic venue.

Guest: Sasha Cassadine, Celebrity Performer, Hostess, and Show Director
Hosts: Chris Grap, Daniel Jasper

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