Ep. 52: Office Party: Your Path to MOA

Ep. 52: Office Party: Your Path to MOA

In this episode of So Much More, our four hosts talk all things Mall of America®. The lively discussion began with the journey that each of the hosts to the Mall. Each person had a unique pathway to their positions with unexpected twists and turns.

Dan Jasper started in non-profit nursing homes and shares his creative professional journey including his first national pitch to The Tonight Show…which worked! Grant had a background in department stores and marketing agencies and was quick to point out that every professional journey meanders and is an adventure.

With roots in the Hollywood film industry and then working for the Minnesota Film Commission, Chris began his MOA® path as a business development specialist. His roles morphed into a creative and imaginative leadership position. Jill began as a part-time intern while still in college. Upon graduation, she joined the MOA team full-time and has never looked back.

The conversation covers how the Mall is a ‘living lab,’ continually trying new things. The four discuss why this place is so special, and share memorable moments, including when Chris was recruited to introduce Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage at Mall of America.

If you like stories, and professional growth tips, this episode is for you.

Host: Jill Renslow
Co-Hosts: Chris Grap, Grant Buntje, Daniel Jasper

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