Ep. 46: Small Beginnings + Large Dreams

Ep. 46: Small Beginnings + Large Dreams

Daniel Johnson and Ricardo Hernandez Espinoza have quite a bit in common. They are entrepreneurs; took a risk to open their own business; started small and have big dreams. And they both enjoy bringing smiles to their customers and helping create a better world.

Following the unrest in 2020 and COVID, Mall of America created a 5,000 square foot space called Community Commons. It was a retail collective created to help support BIPOC owned business that had been hurt by these two events. It was a space for these businesses to establish themselves, gain exposure to millions of guests and rebuild their dreams. That’s where Daniel and Ricardo met – along with dozens of other impacted business owners and entrepreneurs.

Community Commons was open for more than two years and helped dozens of small businesses. Many of these businesses have opened their own in-line spaces at Mall of America including Johnson, owner of LEVELS Fashion (level 3 near Nordstrom) and Hernandez Espinoza, owner of La Michoacana Purepecha (level 2 near the Rotunda.) Led in conversation by host Jill Renslow, both Daniel and Ricardo share stories of their professional journeys, what it means to be located at Mall of America + their dreams for future growth…and those dreams are big!

Levels Fashion

La Michoacana Purepecha 

Guests: Daniel Johnson, owner of LEVELS Fashions, and Ricardo Hernandez Espinoza, owner of La Michoacana Purepecha.

Host: Jill Renslow; Daniel Jasper

Presented by the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau the official destination marketing organization for the city of Bloomington, Minn.