Ep. 34: Creating A Universe (Nickelodeon Style)

Ep. 34: Creating A Universe (Nickelodeon Style)

What happens when inventive minds get together? They create a universe… specifically, Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America. This week our hosts welcome special guests who were part of the team that brought NU to life, Ron Hines, Vice President of Experiences at Paramount and Brian Spielman, Vice President of Attractions at MOA.

We invite you to join us as we explore what it takes to create, refine, develop, reshape + and grow the vibrant world you know and love as Nickelodeon Universe.

Have you ever wondered how teams decided which new rides to install? What it’s like to collaborate directly with the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender? What it feels like to see the faces on children of all ages when they enter a new theme park for the first time? Well, stay tuned and find out.

Mall of America has enjoyed a partnership with Paramount/Nickelodeon for more than 16 years. Host Jill Renslow was one of the key MOA team members who helped transition our theme park into an exciting new attraction. She and co-host Chris Grap, work closely with guests Hines and Spielman to continually move the theme park forward in new and exciting ways.

Guests: Ron Hines, Vice President Consumer Products and Experiences at Paramount; Brian Spielman, Vice President of Attractions at Mall of America

Hosts: Jill Renslow, Chris Grap

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