Ep. 41: Patric Richardson Shares the Secret Joy of Laundry

Ep. 41: Patric Richardson Shares the Secret Joy of Laundry

Patric Richardson knows laundry. He has a passion for it. You might even call him The Laundry Evangelist – everyone does! He has been featured on national media, was HGTV's The Laundry Guy + author and owner of Mona Williams boutique at Mall of America. His philosophy: I love helping people take care of personal belongings and making the world a cleaner and greener place.

He first noticed his love for laundry at 2.5 years! He was hanging clothes with his grandmother. Next thing you know, Santa brought him a toy washing machine. It is still proudly displayed in his boutique. Patric studied apparel and textiles in college and his love of fashion – and laundry – grew even deeper.

Ever wonder where the name Mona Williams came from? Want to know the toughest stain Patric had to deal with? Want tips on how to do you laundry properly? Interested in attending Laundry Camp? Want to know more about The Laundry Evangelist? Tune into this episode to find out So Much More.

Guests: Patric Richardson, Laundry Evangelist | Host of The Laundry Guy Discovery+ – The Laundry Evangelist, author, owner of Mona Williams

Hosts: Daniel Jasper, Chris Grap

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