Ep. 27: Operations by the Numbers
So Much More, A Mall of America® PodcastJanuary 17, 2024
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Ep. 27: Operations by the Numbers

This episode is all about the numbers—in a fun way. If you’ve ever been curious about how many parking spaces there are, how many rolls of toilet paper are used, or how many rides are taken at Mall of America in a year—this one is for you.

Between our two guests, Rich Hoge and Brian Spielman, both long-time leaders at Mall of America, they have more than 50 years of experience at the Mall. They have seen it all, heard it all, and experienced it all. Hoge began his career at Mall of America before the Mall first opened in our HVAC department. Right after trade school he joined the Mall, and he is one of 11 current team members who were hired on or before opening day in 1992. In his role as COO, he oversees all aspects of operations at the nation’s largest Mall.

Speilman started his MOA journey in the Camp Snoopy General Store—his specialty was making fudge. As a self-proclaimed ‘coaster kid’, he has had an affinity for rides and considers his role as VP of Attractions his dream job. Both Hoge and Spielman—along with our hosts—share fun stories over the years at the Mall, including creating our infamous ‘farting chair’, interacting with guests in interesting ways and planning for the future of retail and entertainment.

They share some specific advice for young professionals early in their career journey including life-long learning, problem solving, attitude is everything and be willing to pitch in and help. Good advice for everyone.

Guests: Rich Hoge, Chief Operating Officer at Mall of America; Brian Spielman, Vice President of Attractions at Mall of America

Hosts: Jill Renslow, Chris Grap

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