Ep. 17: Decorating the Nation’s Biggest Mall
So Much More, A Mall of America® PodcastNovember 08, 2023
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Ep. 17: Decorating the Nation’s Biggest Mall

Boasting hundreds of holiday trees, giant size ornaments and enchanted snowflakes…. What really goes into decorating Mall of America for the holiday season? 

In this episode our special guest, John Schouveller, Maintenance Manager at Mall of America, shares how he and his team take on the incredible task of decorating a 5.6 million square foot building. Early during the visit John explains the massive binder he brought with for the taping: The Big Book of Christmas. It contains documentation, blueprints, drawings, décor sizes – and even which direction they should face. And some of the instructions date back to the opening of the Mall in 1992.

The conversation shares some of the incredible numbers behind the holiday décor, how much time it takes to put in place, and the number of team members dedicated to this effort. We also talk about some other brands that really understand the importance of doing the holidays right.

Some of the unique holiday happenings at Mall of America are covered including our team member tree fluffing activity, the Candy Cane Institute, the Yule Log Chute, and the Enchanted Snowflake Experience. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of this fast-paced conversation are the memories of favorite gifts received as a child and as an adult.

So, if you are a fan of the holiday season – and honestly, who isn’t? – you won’t want to miss this episode!

Guest: John Schouveller, Maintenance Manager, Mall of America
Hosts: Daniel Jasper, Chris Grap

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