Ep. 11:  Wink World: Permission to Play

Ep. 11: Wink World: Permission to Play

Our guest in this episode is an award-winning writer and performer, Grammy-nominated composer and a frequent public speaker on the subject of creativity… and he was a co-founding performer of Blue Man Group. Chris Wink, CEO and Founder of Wink World, joins our hosts Chris Grap and Grant Buntje to share his insights into the new experience he has created at Mall of America – Wink World.

Wink World is an immersive art experience that perfectly blends Wink’s passions for art and music with his experience in blacklight design and music composing into a playful multi-media funhouse. And during this podcast, Wink tells the story of where the whole concept started…. His bathroom of all places! Wink shares his passion for experiences and how he explores all senses in his work. His goal is to have people immersed in his creations.

After first opening Wink World in Las Vegas, Wink talks about how he knew he wanted to open another location – and why he was excited to choose Mall of America for this newest experience. He shares stories of nostalgia, and how he would turn them into experiences just to have people see things in a new way.

His philosophy is that he wants everyone to have permission to play and have fun. For insights into creativity, entrepreneurship and creating unique experiences, you will enjoy this conversation.

Guest: Chris Wink, CEO + Founder of Wink World

Hosts: Chris Grap, Grant Buntje

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