Ep. 49: From X-mas Jammies to The Amazing Race...The Holderness Family

Ep. 49: From X-mas Jammies to The Amazing Race...The Holderness Family

With eight million online followers and more than two billion total views, Penn and Kim Holderness are funny, incessant + very genuine online content creators. They have been featured on national and international media, are best-selling authors, award-winning podcast hosts + were winners on Season 33 of The Amazing Race. They first rose to internet fame when their X-mas Jammies holiday video card garnered more than fifteen million views in one week.

Penn and Kim, while at Mall of America to sign their latest book ”ADHD Is Awesome”, sat down for this episode of So Much More to share stories and insights from the book and their incredible journey as internet stars. 

4:45 How Xmas Jammies blew up the internet, and what it meant to their journey.
8:30 Why they wrote this NY Times bestselling book, ”ADHD Is Awesome”.
12:57 What it’s like being honest and vulnerable with online content.
13:50 What they have learned from including their children in online content and how that has changed over time.
18:05 The Amazing Race, what it was like, why they did it, and what the most difficult challenge was.
24:40 Why pickleball truly vibes with their philosophy and life.
26:12 Share their knowledge about Minnesota in a round of rapid-fire questions.

For more information on Penn and Kim Holderness and their projects, books +podcasts, visit: https://theholdernessfamily.com/. 

Guests: Penn and Kim Holderness; content creators, award-winning authors, podcast hosts, loving parents.

Host: Daniel Jasper

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