Ep. 43: Falen Bonsett, Radio Show Host + Social Media Personality

Ep. 43: Falen Bonsett, Radio Show Host + Social Media Personality

“It’s an unpopular opinion, but I don’t like Chicago. I’ve seen the Bean, the museum, the aquarium. Don’t really like the pizza.” And away we go…. On this episode, KDWB radio host and social media personality, Falen Bonsett, tells it like it is! Falen shares stories and more than a few laughs with our audience.

Joined by Chris Grap and Sara Johnson, the trio discuss a 12-plus year partnership between Falen and the Mall of America, as well as many of the celebrities and unique events that have taken place during that time. Along with other timely issues like finding your place in school, raising a family, how to live with social media, + of course, shopping.

At the Mall, Falen has found a second home. And like so many other local fans of the Mall – she has her favorite route during her visits including where to park (insider tip – it’s the North surface lot), which stores she hits along the way + where to grab a good bite to eat. To cap off the conversation, Falen chimed in, “Mall of America has been the best partnership of my life!”

To learn about Falen’s show visit KDWB's website.  

Guests: Falen Bonsett, Host of the Falen & Colt show on 101.3 KDWB; Sara Johnson, Integrated Marketing Director at Mall of America

Host: Chris Grap

Presented by the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau the official destination marketing organization for the city of Bloomington, Minn.

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