Ep. 40: Omni Talk Hosts Share the Future of Retail + Entrepreneurship

Ep. 40: Omni Talk Hosts Share the Future of Retail + Entrepreneurship

Anne Mezzenga and Chris Walton are the hosts and co-CEOs of Omni Talk, a podcast and retail blog for retailers, by retailers.

They understand the world of retail better than anyone. Both had leadership roles with the Target Store of the Future program, are entrepreneurs + have boundless energy and enthusiasm. Their experience includes writing, podcast hosting, speaking engagements, online business management + more.

Chris and Anne share their insights on the current state of retail – who is doing it well and who is missing the mark – and the future of the industry. They also share their passions + how they created a path to where they are today.

Curious about their best career advice? Want to understand how A.I. will impact the world of retail? Ever wondered how you can follow your passion and make money at it? Want to know what the future of shopping malls will look like in ten years? Tune in to find the answers to these questions and more on this episode of So Much More!

Guests: Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga, Co-CEOs of Omni Talk

Host: Jill Renslow, Daniel Jasper

Presented by the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau the official destination marketing organization for the city of Bloomington, Minn.

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