Ep. 19: Giving from the Heart

Ep. 19: Giving from the Heart

The holiday season is often filled with families gathering, enjoying meals and gift giving. But that’s not the case for everyone. In this special episode of So Much More, our guests are working hard to bring that joy to those most in need.

Our guests, Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Tyree Stevens of the U.S. Marine Corps and Program Coordinator for the Twin Cities Toys for Tots, and Rob Williams, President and Founder of Every Meal share their incredible stories and the journeys that inspired them to want to make a difference.

New to Minnesota, SSgt Stevens was excited to help grow the Toys for Tots Twin Cities program this year. He announced that Mall of America is the official headquarters for the program and explained how this partnership should help to exceed their goals. Listeners will enjoy his backstory, discover where to find Toys for Tots and learn what the hottest toys are and where the need is highest. 

Rob Williams shared the story of why Every Meal was created and how food insecurity impacts school children throughout the year – and why it is even more challenging when school is not in session, especially during times such as the upcoming holiday break. The two leaders, SSgt Stevens and Mr. Williams, shared how their organizations are intertwined, serving a common purpose. And there was a healthy competition on reaching and exceeding both of their goals for the holiday season.

The lively conversation, led by host Jill Renslow, also touched on the many other community outreach programs taking place at Mall of America throughout the holiday season.

Guests: SSgt Tyree Stevens, U.S. Marine Corps, Toys for Tots Twin Cities Program Coordinator and Rob Williams, President, and Founder of Every Meal. Hosts: Jill Renslow, Daniel Jasper

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