Ep. 15: Epic Stories with Eric Pehle

Ep. 15: Epic Stories with Eric Pehle

Eric Pehle – nationally recognized for his work in strategic public relations and crisis communications – is our featured guest in this episode. He started his professional journey in broadcast journalism and transitioned to the PR agency world. 

Pehle has been connected to Mall of America before the Mall even opened in 1992. Prior to grand opening he worked with media members from around the world to give them behind the scenes preview tours. At opening more than 2,000 media outlets were present and he was part of the team that needed to manage those hectic first days and weeks. 

From stories about grand opening, to the local narrative of ‘doubt’ surrounding the Mall in the early days, to implementing a trend-setting Parental Escort Policy, Pehle shares some of the many lessons learned at Mall of America over the first thirty years.

In this conversation he also discusses the importance of being prepared for crisis, how to work with leadership and outside partners, and how to be authentic in communications efforts. Planning and practice are critical to the process.

When asked for the best advice to give anyone entering the world of public relations or business… learn to write well! It’s a lost artform and the most critical form of communication.
Guest: Eric Pehle, President and Owner, Epic Associates

Hosts: Daniel Jasper, Jill Renslow

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