Ep: 12: Creating Company Culture

Ep: 12: Creating Company Culture

The question has perplexed corporate leadership for more than a year now – how to balance hybrid and in-office work. While there are no easy answers, our special guest in this episode, Roshini Rajkumar, tackles this and other questions with a goal of creating healthy company culture.
Hosts Jill Renslow and Dan Jasper welcome Rajkumar to share her insights. She is host of The Crisis Files Podcast, a C-Suite Advisor and Professional Speaker. In her role as a trusted advisor, business leaders from a wide range of industries seek her advice on communication, professional etiquette, creating company culture and so much more.

Rajkumar speaks openly about creating a ‘new workspace’ and how a company might deal with remote, hybrid and in-office workflows and preferences. She also talks openly about expectations of the newest generation of workers. 

A key point in the conversation is when Rajkumar talks about creating the company culture you want – and then owning that. She explains how leaders need to help employees understand what the culture is, and how to communicate it effectively. In short, know your brand and what you stand for.
In her career, she has assisted many companies navigate a wide array of crisis – from large to small. She shares some of her insights and lessons learned from those experiences. Leaders at all levels will benefit from this conversation with Roshini Rajkumar.

Guest: Roshini Rajkumar, C-Suite Advisor, Professional Speaker, Host of The Crisis Files Podcast
Hosts: Jill Renslow, Dan Jasper

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