Ep. 10: A Chillingly Fun Conversation

Ep. 10: A Chillingly Fun Conversation

There is a science – and an art – behind the thrill of fear. In this episode, Sean Chung, Creative Director for American Monsters shares why they chose Mall of America to launch a new breed of haunted house, Onionhead’s Revenge. A chillingly fun conversation lets listeners know what to expect when they visit Onionhead’s Revenge at Mall of America this Halloween haunting season.

Hosts Jill Renslow and Chris Grap dive into the storyline with Sean including finding out how this haunt is so different than any other our listeners may have experienced. This deeper experience is possible because it is story-based, completely immersive and guests – those who dare enter – can elevate their unique experience.

Sean shares stories of the actors and why they choose to work in this setting. During their typical work week, the actors hold other jobs ranging from office personnel to dentists. But what they have in common is a love for this type of work and a deep desire to fulfill their creative natures.

This conversation talks about the rise of experiential opportunities, why it continues to grow and what guests are yearning to find. And it explores the innate need of our species to be submerged into a story and become a character in the performance ourselves.

Whether you are a fan of fear, or simply want to dive deeper into the craft of storytelling and experience building, this episode is sure to please. So be sure not to miss this – if you dare.

Guest: Sean Chung, Creative Director for American Monsters
Hosts: Jill Renslow, Chris Grap

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