Ep.35: Surprisingly Delightful

Ep.35: Surprisingly Delightful

On this episode, hosts Grant Buntje and Chris Grap welcome their colleague and co-delight creator, Sara Johnson, the Integrated Marketing Director at Mall of America. Since the day it first opened in 1992, Mall of America has been surprising and delighting guests in unique ways and these team members help lead those efforts.

Curious why and how the Mall displays massive works of art? Are you aware of a nightly surprise light show in Nickelodeon Universe? Did you wonder how Ed Sheeran (like other celebrities) does surprise appearances at the Mall? Or do you want to know how NOT to surprise guests on tax day? Tune into this episode to find out the answers to these questions and so much more!

The group also discusses their favorite examples of MOA tenant surprises and experiences as well as other brands and attractions who shine (or whose shine has diminished a bit) while trying to delight their guests.

Guest: Sara Johnson, Integrated Marketing Director at Mall of America

Hosts: Grant Buntje, Chris Grap

Presented by the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau the official destination marketing organization for the city of Bloomington, Minn.

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