Ep. 22: Malibu Barbie Café: Pink & Timeless

Ep. 22: Malibu Barbie Café: Pink & Timeless

If there’s one phrase that captured the nation this year, it is “Hi, Barbie!” This is quickly followed by the same phrase from multiple people. And it’s always said with enthusiasm, a big smile, and an unstoppable sense of optimism.

That is why opening the Malibu Barbie Café experience at Mall of America makes perfect sense! Derek Berry, President of Experiences at Bucket Listers – the group that imagined, created, and opened Malibu Barbie Café, is joined by Carrie Charleston to explain how they worked together to bring this dream to reality at the Mall.
This quick-paced conversation covers the phenomenon that is all-things Barbie and how she took the world by storm (again) in 2023. Berry shares how his team comes up with their concepts and how they bring them to fruition. He describes the experience that is the Barbie Café – including the great photo ops, the amazing décor, great food, a roller-skating experience, and of course – lots and lots of pink. 

Fun fact: Due to the Barbie craze in 2023, the paint industry ran out of ‘Barbie pink’ for a while.
Charleston also shares how she and her team proactively seek out amazing experiences and partners to bring to the Mall – including the challenges and rewards that are part of that process. While both guests hint at what may be possible in the future, for fans of Barbie and the Malibu Barbie Café experience, you won’t want to miss this discussion.

Guests: Derek Berry, President of Experiences at Bucket Listers and Carrie Charleston, Vice President of Leasing at Mall of America
Host: Jill Renslow and Daniel Jasper

Presented by the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau the official destination marketing organization for the city of Bloomington, Minn.

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