Ep. 23: Theme Park Rides: Part Art. Part Science.
So Much More, A Mall of America® PodcastDecember 20, 2023
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Ep. 23: Theme Park Rides: Part Art. Part Science.

Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America is the premier indoor theme park in the nation. With millions of visitors and rides every year, Nick U delivers smiles and screams (the good kind) all year round. To stay fresh, it’s important to add new rides and attractions so guests continue to return.

Ron Hines, VP of Themed Entertainment at Nickelodeon visits with Nate Klutz from the Mall—and host, Jill Renslow—to talk the science and art behind choosing, designing, and installing new rides. Their conversation centers around how two international brands have forged a collaborative and creative relationship that helps foster new ideas for guest engagement.

The two share stories about how their teams identified the current mix of rides, what would help make the overall experience better and how it fits into the plan and flow of the theme park. With so much packed into a 7-acre indoor space – finding new rides and relocating others can feel like a never-ending jigsaw puzzle. But just like a puzzle, it’s beautiful when it is complete. 

Our guests discuss our two newest rides, Boots Banana Swing and Fly With Appa, and how they fit into the plan for the park – both the physical layout and how they will appeal to even more visitors. The key, they relay, is always trying to surprise and amaze the guests. After all, it is all about creating memories.

Guests: Ron Hines, Vice President of Themed Entertainment at Nickelodeon, and Nate Klutz, Vice President of Construction at Mall of America
Host: Jill Renslow

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